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"I had to replace the furnace in my home when the original furnace in the home finally decided to expire.  I shopped around and went to a number of local businesses that installed and replaced furnaces, because I like to support local businesses.    I had the good fortune to hear of Mr. Wyatt's company and spoke with him about a quote.  He personally inspected my home and gave me recommendations for the best furnace to meet the needs of  my home and family.  He supervised the work that was done and came back to see the finished product and inquire about my satisfaction with the new unit.   Needless to say, I have been pleased with the new furnace and, more importantly, the personal attention that Mr. Wyatt afforded me during and after the installation.  I highly recommend Wyatt's Air Conditioning and will most certainly be doing business with his company in the future."Mychael Willon, 607.222.5339


I just want to let everyone know about the exceptional quality and service we have received. We were in the market for new a/c units and got about 10 quotes if not more and we went with Wyatt's Air Conditioning. We had our ducts cleaned before by another company and we never felt like the air was clear but after getting our new a/c with media filters I finally get a break from my allergies when I'm inside. Also every room now cools the same. Not only is he a great at his job but he is a great person. When I lost my cat and went door to door trying to find him Mr. Wyatt told me about this forum, that I am now addicted to. He is caring, honest, and very hard working.

I love his attention to every detail. We joke that my husband has eagle eyes, he catches everything and he was extremely happy too with how detailed Mr. Wyatt was to every aspect of installation. Also loved that he gave us lots of options and explained the benefits of each one and then let us decide. 

Additional information:

Bruce Wyatt is amazing and honest!!! He is an engineer and will take the time to explain. We got over 10 quotes for our new a/c's and went from using 5000kw to only using 1000kw in the summer. 

I'm glad we have a gem like him in our neighborhood!!

Paula Smoley


My AC went out over the weekend.. I called Bruce Wyatt, but was concerned I'd have to wait days for a service call. Was I ever wrong.. He was here in less than an hour! Unable to get the part he needed to complete the repair until Monday, he brought me a portable AC unit large enough to cool not only my cathedral ceiling den, but a good bit of the downstairs. WOW!! An AC out in Houston heat is a nightmare. But, NOT w/ Bruce Wyatt. He was professional, thorough & explained in plain English what I could do to make it run more efficiently. There's simply no one better for your AC needs. He also gave me a reasonable price. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Sharon Autin


We called Bruce earlier this week based on the AC rave reviews on this site. Great advice! He is fantastic. Both units needed freon & we were back up and cooling within a few hours of contacting him. I won't hesitate to call him again!

Mimi Tanner


Had Bruce Wyatt out to work on my unit. He basically did a colonoscopy on the ducting and removed about 25 feet. He did a slew of other things that have made the system more efficient.The man "Rocks!. Thanks Bruce!

​John Poole


I've been having trouble with my a/c for the last couple of weeks, and then yesterday it became pretty clear it wasn't just having trouble keeping up with our high temps. I contacted Bruce Wyatt based on recommendations I remembered seeing here. Bruce responded to me right away and was out early this morning, and my house is cool again. He was honest and forthcoming and I would definitely recommend his services. Hopefully I don't need to see Bruce again for a very long time, but he'll be he first person I call when the need arise.

Brittney Romeo


Bruce Wyatt just installed a mini-split A.C. for our master bedroom. My wife has M.S and it serves to augment the primary unit and as a backup unit. Found him to be very conscientious and thorough.

Richard Still


I highly recommend Wyatt's Air Conditioning - (281) 825-6954 - for any and ALL of your A/C service needs. I recently moved into a home and the A/C appeared to be malfunctioning. I called my home warranty company and they sent out a vendor that basically raked me through the coals. They stated a laundry list of repairs that needed to be done to two of my three units and my out of pocket costs would have exceeded $1,000. The most expensive part was the "major leak" in the coil and all the freon that was required to pump it back up (8 pounds at $60/pound). I was very upset because we literally moved in just the past 10 days, but thanks to a neighbor that posted on here about the excellent service she received from Wyatt's Air Conditioning, I was able to save my money. 

Mr. Wyatt came and inspected my units and found that they were functioning as intended and that in fact, the only thing malfunctioning was my thermostat (it was reading five degrees cooler than what it really was). He bumped my thermostat down and my house was cool as a cucumber in no time. The previous company told me NOT to bump the thermostat down or I'd risk stressing out and freezing my units. 

Mr. Wyatt took the time to explain to me what needed to be done, what the current state of my AC units were and gave me a lot of information to make an informed decision as to how I should proceed with the maintenance and eventual replacement of my HVAC units (they're nearly 17 years old). We opted to maintain them but at the first sign of trouble, we would replace them. He clearly explained to me the different types of systems and my husband and I are sold on getting a dual speed system and updating the duct work. We're waiting out this summer to see where our electricity bills settle and if it's nearing that $1,000/month charge, we will likely be swapping the two units out sooner rather than later. 

Wyatt's Air Conditioning is a reputable company in my opinion and there is no doubt in my mind that he will be the person to service and repair the units at my home. I wish more vendors were honest like Mr. Wyatt. He can be reached at (281) 825-6954 and his website is: http://www.wyattsairconditioning.com/

​Christian Le


Hi everybody. This is just a PSA about Wyatt HVAC services. I recently purchased a house in Memorial Northwest and the home owner did such a bad job installing the new furnace that I could not turn it on in fear of poisoning the house with Carbon Monoxide. 

With the cold upon us, I called Bruce Wyatt and explained the situation and asked if he was available to come and quote what it would cost to repair. He came by the same day in the evening and looked it over and found additional things that needed to be fixed as we were looking at it. He was a joy to talk to and clearly has a passion for what he does. He quoted me several levels of repair the next day and the prices were very reasonable. 

He scheduled the work for the following Monday (today) and he and his guys showed up early and immediately put cloth along the stairs and in the hallway to protect my carpets. His guys were friendly and hard working. As they were working, the found an additional problem and left to get supplies needed to fix it. Bruce stuck around the whole time and was available for questions and of course a good chat. They finished the job in half a day and picked everything up as if no one was there and headed to the next job. 

I highly recommend Wyatt HVAC services if anyone is looking for someone. He lives in my neighborhood and I know that I am not the only one in the neighborhood who has been pleased with what Bruce has been able to do for them. He is on Nextdoor so if you would like his contact information just look up Bruce Wyatt and send him an email.

Thanks again Bruce! 

A happy homeowner, 

Cory Waldrop


I heard about Bruce Wyatt of Wyatt's Air Conditioning via this NextDoor app and I have to tell you I am forever grateful to my neighbors for the referral. After receiving a quote for $3100 to fix an air conditioning unit in our garage apartment from another company, I called Mr. Wyatt. Without bad mouthing anyone, Mr. Wyatt did a full analysis, took pictures, actually ASKED me questions about the maintenance history and then offered options. Mr. Wyatt even called the manufacturer of the unit to find out some information about how the unit typically arrives for installation (b/c the original freon level was in question). After discussing the situation and reviewing the photos that showed the other company lied about rusted drip pans, etc., Mr. Wyatt filled us up with freon and documented his work with photos. He tested the unit and it went from a 5 to a 17.5 out of an ideal of 18. Basically, for $215.00 I received a repaired A/C and some honesty and moral character. Mr. Wyatt even looked at our home A/C and discovered they'd installed it too close to a pipe so we were unable to change the filter. The other company didn't set the unit on bricks as they should have. I had photo documentation and Mr. Wyatt's detailed report to back me up when I called the other company back out to fix their mistakes. 
I completely feel like I was taken for a ride by the other A/C company. I cannot stress to you enough how much we need honest, fair, moral, well-trained people like Mr. Wyatt in our lives. Please follow my recommendation and use his services should you have the need. Good people deserve to be noticed and thrive for their outstanding service and honesty. 

I hope this saves some of you from being taken for a ride by companies that take advantage of the fact that most people have to trust their recommendations.

Julie Crews